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Long Distance Moving Tips with Children

The only thing more difficult than a long-distance move is a long-distance move with young children.  Besides having to plan ahead and gather all the needed supplies, boxes and other assorted materials, you are also going to have to time manage your little ones.  As your premier Kamloops movers, here are some tips that will […]

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A Long-Distance Moving Guide for Couples

It is time to start a new chapter in your life, a new job, a new opportunity, a new home – how exciting.  However, it won’t just be you making the move, instead, your partner will be joining you on this adventure and it will be the first time that the two of you will […]

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Making the Most Out of Your Long-Distance Winter Move

A long-distance move is quite a chore no matter what season you choose.  However, a winter move provides an extra set of challenges that you will need to account for to keep you and your belongings safe.  As your premier Kamloops movers, here are some important tips to help you navigate the extra challenges of […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for your Long-Distance Move

If you have been planning a long-distance move in the New year, then this is the blog for you.  Instead of making a bunch of resolutions that fall by the wayside by mid-January, why not set some that will help you meet all your long-distance moving goals?  As your premier Kamloops movers, we would like […]

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Tips for a Stress-Free Long-Distance Move Over the Holiday Season

A long-distance move can be stressful no matter what time of year.  Add in the busy schedule of the holiday season coupled with a December moving date and you can get the perfect storm.  However, with the right type of foresight and planning you can still enjoy all that the holidays have to offer, while […]

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How to Get your Pool Table Ready for your Long-Distance Move – Part 2

With so many important steps required to properly take a pool table apart, a second blog is needed.  As your premier Kamloops movers, here are the final steps on how to safely and effectively disassemble your pool table for your next long-distance move. Removing the Aprons Chances are, your pool table has four aprons that […]

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How to Disassemble and Pack a Pool Table for your Long-Distance Move – Part 1

A pool table is an excellent source of cheap entertainment that can provide hours of unlimited fun.  However, a pool table is also a major inconvenience when you need to move it to your new home.  With the right instructions and tools, you will be able to easily and safely dissemble and pack your pool […]

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Tips for Moving Long Distances with Pets

A long-distance move can be an interesting time for the best of us.  One of the most overlooked members of the family that can feel the effects of a long-distance move is the family pet.  If you are looking to relocate your pet, then there are precautions that you should take to ensure that the […]

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Tips for Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip when Making a Long-Distance Move

Relocating across the country for a job or promotion is a significant move that requires planning and insight.  Not only do you need to find the right movers, pack up your belongings and meet the deadlines associated with moving, you also need to get you and your family across the country.  As the premier Kamloops […]

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Rainy Day Long-Distance Moving Tips

Unfortunately you can’t predict the weather on your moving day.  Everyone hopes for clear weather, but sometimes the forecast calls for rain.  With some extra planning and a few extra steps, you can still enjoy a stress free and dry move.  As the premier Kamloops movers, we would like to offer you the following tips […]

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