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A successful move starts with getting everything from the old home to the new home. It ends with everything making it there in one piece. Even the short or routine moves can end with items being broken. What are some of the most common things that break and how can you make sure they don’t? Let’s take a look!


Plates, glasses, casserole dishes all mixed in with pots and pans. What could go wrong? Broken kitchenware is one of the most common problems with a move. With some packing and planning, we can prevent this breakage. Start by keeping breakables and non-breakables separate. Pack your pots with your socks if you have to, but don’t put them in the same boxes as your plates and glasses.

Next, do not skimp out on the packing materials in the kitchen. There are even moving boxes specially designed to move plates and other breakables. They are made for a reason, so spend the couple of extra dollars and utilize them.

Keep the heavy items on the bottom and get lighter as you move up. Don’t stack plates on top of mugs or glasses. Keep the plates on the bottom and put your wine glasses on the top of the box. Remember as you are putting them in, they should be placed standing up not on their sides. Think of it as the same as putting dishes in the dishwasher or drying rack. This will offer the most protection to them.


Not only are your electronics fragile, they are expensive to replace. Take extra time when packing these guys up for a move as they can break very easily. Start by carefully disassembling your electronics. Label all of the cords and cables that go with each one so that you are sure that you can hook everything up correctly in the new home. Also, make sure to keep all of the cables and accessories with the item that they belong to. Trying to figure out which cable goes where is a game that can end up in damaged electronics.

Use double layer boxes for extra protection when packing. These are sometimes called china boxes. The extra layer will give some padding and protection to everything that goes into the box. For larger items you can use large boxes, but make sure it is clearly marked what goes into the box. The one exception is your television. Always save the original box of a TV for moving. If you don’t have one, see if you can pick up a box for a similar sized TV at a local store.

Fill up all the empty space in the box with packing material. This can be a great place to save by packing your bedding with your electronics. You want to make sure that there is enough padding to protect the electronics if they get bumped around as well as prevent shifting of the items.

Of course, you can always choose to have professional movers move your fragile possessions for you. Pioneer Moving and Storage can make sure your Kamloops move goes smoothly with nothing broken at your new home.

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