Did You Forget to do Something Before You Moved?

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Moving is a long and complicated process that has a lot of steps to ensure that the move goes correctly. That is why it is very easy to forget some things that you should do when you move. Unfortunately that little thing that you forgot to take care of before you left can end up being very inconvenient if you move a good distance and need to return to take care of it. Here are some important things that you have to make sure not to forget during your next move.

Cancel That Gym Membership

Think about all of those monthly recurring charges that you have for services around your town. Gyms, libraries, clubs or anything else that is tied locally to your current home need to be canceled.
If you forget to cancel then you may go a month or two as the membership charges rack up on your bank account or credit card for a service that you can no longer use. Even worse you probably won’t be able to get any of those charges back.


Get Your Mail in Order

Along with local subscription services, what about mail order ones? You don’t want your medications or Amazon orders being sent to the new residents of your old home. If you have a DVD or Blu-ray delivery service, mail order medications or anything else that sends regularly to your address, you need to make sure to change all of them on each service’s website or service center. Make sure to get the timing of the address change right.


Take a Trip to the Bank

You need to ensure that all of your finances are in order for the move. If you use a local bank that has no branches in your new town then you will need to close out your accounts so you can transfer your money to a new bank.

You should also make sure that all of your bills for both your old and new homes are paid and on time. Papers can be lost during a move, so for a month or two you may want to consider setting up an auto pay through your new bank. That way you know you won’t miss any of your payments.


Take Lots of Pictures

Things get lost in a move. Having pictures of your things can help you locate the right box that what you are looking for may have ended up in. Pictures are really helpful if you are having a company like Pioneer Moving and Storage help with your move.

If something gets accidently damaged or lost having a picture of that item can make insurance claims go through quickly and easily.
Pictures can also help with setting things up in your new home. Take a snap of your electronics setups so you know which plugs go where!


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