Essential But Overlooked – Things To Do After Moving

What to do next?  That is often the question one is faced with after the moving trucks have placed the last box in your new home.  The unpacking part of a move can often feel as overwhelming as the initial packing stage.  As the premier movers in Kamloops we would like to offer these essential, but often overlooked tasks that need to be done after your move.


There is nothing more frustrating or difficult than trying to go about your normal life amidst a mountain of boxes.  One of the nice things about unpacking is that you are not facing a deadline, so take your time with this process and get your new space organized and laid out the way you want.  The rooms that you want to organize first are:

  • Kitchen – tired of takeout and fast food? Well the quicker that you get your kitchen unpacked, the quicker you can enjoy home cooked meals again.
  • Bathroom – A shower and toiletries are a necessity regardless of the state of the rest of your home.
  • Bedroom – A good night’s rest is important so that you can face the essential and overlooked unpacking chores.

Post Move To Do List

Here’s a brief checklist of many of the essential but often overlooked tasks that you will need to do once you have unpacked your new home.

  • Change your postal address – regardless of whether you have moved to a new city or just across town, you will need to change your address. You do not want your mail going to your old address, so do this task sooner than later.
  • Register your child at their new school – A new address usually means a new school. With the shortage of space in many of the province’s schools, it is a good idea to get your child registered as soon as possible.  Contact your local school district to see where your home school is and go from there.
  • Find a health care provider – It is important that you have a reliable family doctor so finding a suitable family physician is a must. Try to find a physician who can meet and address you and your family’s specific medical needs.
  • Register your car – If you have moved out of province, make sure to register with the province’s motor vehicle branch as you may need to change your driver’s license or insurance.
  • Get home insurance – or at least make sure that your current home insurance covers everything you need it to in your new surroundings. Don’t forget to update the address.

Get to Know your Surroundings

One of the most exciting things about moving is that it opens up a new city or a new part of town to you.  Get to know and embrace all that your new surroundings have to offer.  A new move also offers the opportunity to meet new people and new friends.  Make sure to embrace the totality of your new move.

We are a Kamloops premier moving service and have been a part of the community for over 16 years.  We offer a wide range of moving services and offer free quotes.  Our friendly and professional staff can help with all aspects of your move and ensure that your moving experience is a positive and stress free event.  Please contact us today and see how we can be a part of your moving experience.

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