Garage Sale Tips Before your Next Move

Our Kamloops movers offer tips for hosting a pre-moving day garage sale.

It’s not until we start packing for a move that we notice that accumulate a lot of stuff. This “stuff” is usually comprised of things we no longer need, furniture that won’t fit into the new space, items that we’ve stored and forgotten about, you name it. Throwing all this out is an option, but you can also recycle it by donation, sell it online or sell it by having a garage sale.

Garage sales can be a great way to do downsize, since it won’t involve the back and forth e-mails with potential buyers and setting up time. If you decide to have one when moving, here are some helpful tips from our Kamloops movers.

How to Host a Successful Garage Sale

Do you want to make money?

The first thing to have clear is whether you just want to get rid of things, but feel bad throwing them out, or you want to make some money from the sale. It will of course depend on the type of items you are selling – if you have good furniture, electronics or one-of-a-kind items that will be going, you can make some cash to help with moving expenses or for your home-warming party. However, decide in advance whether it’s important for you or not, this will set your price and the way you approach the sale.

Organization is key

While it can be a little bit time-consuming at the beginning, it will pay-off later: keeping organized. This begins with how well you sort your sale items. You should aim to have an inventory, arrange them well for the sale and keep a list of the prices and items that you have sold. Also, on the day of the sale, keeping the space neat, will help you sell more, since customers will be able to find items easier.

Attracting customers

There is a number of ways you can promote your garage sale. Of course, you will need to post signs on the day of and get some traffic coming in from the neighborhood. But remember that the internet is a wonderful tool as well. Let your friends know about your sale on Facebook or Twitter. You can even see if they want to sell some bigger items as well. Post and ad on Craigslist or Kijiji, since there might be people coming from outside of your area to look at things, especially if you post pictures and descriptions of some of the main items you’ll be selling.

Don’t bring anything back inside

Remember, you are doing this because you are moving and want to get rid of things! Do not bring any unwanted items back inside the house. Instead, lower the prices at the end of the day, give away surprise bags or let them go for free. You can even make another post online to let people know that free things is available on your lawn.

We hope that the tips mentioned above help you host a successful garage sale before your next move. Garage sales are a great way to weed out any of the unwanted furniture, clothes, or appliances before you start packing. For more information on our Kamloops moving and storage services, please contact us.

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