How to Avoid Losing Things During a Move

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Losing a thing or two during a move is inevitable. Something is going to get misplaced or left behind. You can minimize the damage though by taking some pretty easy steps to organize your packing and move day. Here are some ideas to keep the number of lost items down to a minimum during your next move.

Start with a List

All organization begins with a proper list, and moving is no exception. Take a tour around your house and make a master list of all the things that you are going to take with you. The best way to do this is to organize by the room. Make a note of the major items in each room and any supporting equipment that goes with it. You can keep the master list slightly less specific (more on that later) but you want to make sure that there is enough detail to remember that the coffee pot was packed with appliances in the dining room and not in the kitchen. This is going to be your first list to go to when you start looking for things that have wandered off.

Pack the Entire Room

You might be tempted to float from room to room while you pack. Avoid this urge. Put packing materials in each room then head into that room and start packing. Don’t stop until everything in that room is in a box, bag or some other vessel that is going from your old home to your new home.

If you are feeling particularly organized, take a small notepad or piece of paper and tape it to the inside flap of the boxes you are packing. Jot down a quick note of the contents of each box. That way when you open up the box you can see what should be in it. It can also help when you are trying to track things down to know what box they may have arrived at their destination in.

Outer Labels

Permanent markers and the ink that is contained within them are not very expensive. This means that you can afford to label the heck out of your moving boxes. While you shouldn’t be looking for Shakespeare-like prose on each box, make a good detailed list of what room it was in, what room it is going to end up in and what the general contents of the box are.

Use Baggies

For items like computers and other electronics you are going to have a lot of parts that are particular to that one item. First, when you are disassembling cables, label the ends and the port that it came from. Then wrap up the cables and other parts and put them into a zip top bag. Tape the zip top bag to the electronic device that they belong with. This will ensure that they stay with each other through the whole move.

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