How to Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

security deposit

If you are moving out of an apartment, you may be hearing horror stories from you friends about not getting back their security deposit. The security deposit is one of those tricky items that it takes a steady hand and some preparations in order to fully get back. Never fear: Here are some tricks that you can use to help to ensure that you get a full return of your security deposit.


One of the most common ways that you lose money from your security deposit is by having them taken out for damages. This means things like holes in the walls, scratched hardwood floors or holes in the carpeting. Anything that is broken that shouldn’t be broken is going to be removed from your security deposit.

The best way to avoid having this money deducted is to do the fixing yourself. Instead of having costly repairs done by your landlord, you can take it upon yourself to fix the stuff that you know is broken. Essentially, when you move out, you want to make sure that the apartment looks exactly the same way it did when you moved in.

Having said that, there are some things that you are not responsible for. This includes normal wear and tear, such as discolored grout, loose handles on drawers or appliances, carpet wear in high traffic areas and nail holes. These are things that are expected to go wrong and therefore not your financial responsibility. If your landlord is taking money from your security deposit for these issues, it may be worth fighting over.

Unpaid Utilities

If you are responsible for some or all of the utility bills in your apartment, then any leftover balances may end up coming out of your security deposit. This can include things like shut-off fees or late charges.

If you are transferring your utilities back to your landlord’s name, make sure to get a transaction receipt for the date that it happens. If this detail is overlooked, you may end up being responsible for paying for utility costs that you did not incur.

A Proper Cleaning

After you have everything moved out, make sure you leave some time to give your apartment a proper cleaning. This means cleaning everything. Walls, door frames, blinds, bathrooms, kitchen appliances and anything else that may have managed to get used or dirty in the time that you were there.

Failing to clean up properly will mean that your landlord is going to need to hire a cleaning service to do it. Those do not come cheap, especially when compared to the cost of a carpet steamer rental from a local grocery store. Be particularly careful about getting pet smells out if you own pets. This can sometimes lead to costly cleaning charges that come directly out of your security deposit.

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