How to Survive Your Summer Move

The summer months are by far the busiest and most popular time to move. The warm weather, long days, summer vacation and the peak of the home buying season are all advantages when it comes to a summer move.  Even with all these advantages, a summer move can still be a challenge.  As the premier moving company in Kamloops, here are some summer moving tips that will help you enjoy a stress-free move.

Be Prepared and Start Early

Make sure to give yourself a head start if you already know your move out and move in dates. By being prepared for your summer move, you will:

  • Keep your stress levels under control, because you have completed many of the most arduous and difficult moving tasks.
  • Have extra time to compensate for any mistakes or errors that you may encounter over the moving process.

Get the Mover and Dates You Want

Unfortunately, you are not the only one who is going to be taking advantage of the summer moving season.  Almost 70% of all residential moves take place between May and September which means that moving companies are in great demand during this period.  Make sure to book as early as possible so that you get the moving company that you want at the time you need.

Here’s the deal:

Booking early can also allow you to call around and secure the best possible price.  You may even get a discount by booking early.

Manage the Higher Moving Costs

The increased demand for moving companies coupled with the popular advantages of a summer move all translate into higher moving costs for you.  Some ways to help manage these higher costs include:

  • Do as much of the packing by yourself and leave only the furniture and other heavy and bulky items for the professional movers.
  • Have a garage sale or sell the items that you will not be taking with you and put that money into your moving budget.
  • Pack only the items that you intend to keep – less items mean a lower transportation cost.

Choose a strategic Move In/Move Out Date

A major advantage of planning your summer move as early as possible is that you can choose your move in/move out date.  Make sure to avoid any long weekends such as Canada Day or the August civic holiday.  In general, try to avoid weekends and instead try for a less busy weekday option.


If you have kids, they will be out of school during the summer months, so there will be no disruption to their academic studies.

The Right Movers for You

Using the right moving company is an essential part of any move.  We offer a wide range of moving services and are up for even the most difficult of moves.  Our staff is friendly and professional with years of moving experience.  Let us make your move as stress-free as possible this summer.  For a free quote or to see how we can assist you, stop by or call today.  We look forward to being a part of your positive moving experience.

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