Long Distance Moving Tips with Children

The only thing more difficult than a long-distance move is a long-distance move with young children.  Besides having to plan ahead and gather all the needed supplies, boxes and other assorted materials, you are also going to have to time manage your little ones.  As your premier Kamloops movers, here are some tips that will help you navigate your next long distance move with young children.

The age of your children will ultimately determine how you pack and move.  Here is a brief breakdown of the different age groups and how you can best address the needs of your children and the various stages of the long-distance move.


Moving with a baby presents a wide range of challenges ranging from sleep schedules to feeding times.  During the packing stages, if you can, enlist other family members or friends to look after your precious bundle of joy.  If that is not a possibility, then you will have to work your moving schedule around your baby’s sleep schedule and pack when your baby sleeps.

Don’t forget to leave yourself ample food, bottles, diapers and wipes for the road trip to your new home.


A long-distance move with toddlers can be complicated to say the least.  Again, if you have the help of family or friends, get them to look after your youngster to free up packing time.  You may want to get your toddler to help with some of the moving jobs or give them some random items to pack into a box.  You may have to repack it later but at least they will be entertained and busy, freeing up much needed packing time for you.

Here’s the Deal:

Be sure to move all packed and taped boxes into a room that your toddler cannot get to.  This will prevent them from unpacking and untaping each box.

Young Children

Moving with young children is an easier task than the previous ages but other challenges may present themselves.  Granted they will be able to help pack up their room and assist with some of the chores and jobs, but they may not understand why they have to switch schools or leave their old neighbourhood and friends.  Here are some suggestions to make this transition as easy as possible:

  • If you have extra rooms in your new home, let them choose which room they would like as a bedroom.
  • Take a road trip, if possible, to your new neighbourhood and take the time to find the parks, introduce yourself to neighbours and even visit their new school.
  • Let them have a say in the moving process and give them plenty of time to say goodbye to old friends and classmates.

Older Children

Teenagers are the easiest group when it comes to the moving and packing process.  Where you are going to have difficulties with this age group is leaving their friends, their school and having to “start over” in a new place.  Like young children give them plenty of notice to say goodbye and try to stress the benefits and opportunities that await them in their new town and space.

These long-distance moving tips should help you navigate some of the difficulties of moving with children.  If you would like more information on any of these suggestions or are interested in our long-distance moving services, please contact us today.  Our friendly and professional staff would love to answer any of your questions and be a part of your next long-distance move.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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