Making a Moving Budget

32456579_mIf you are looking to relocate to a new home, you are probably excited about the prospects of your future. Before you get there you are going to need to work through your move. Moving from one home to another can be rather costly, which means taking time to plan out the budget of your move. Here are some things to take into account when you are planning the budget for your next move.

Think About the First Month

The first month after a move can put some serious strain on a budget. Things like security deposits for an apartment, service deposits for utilities and general things that you are going to need for your new home can add up quickly.

Make sure to account for these extra costs in your budget and put money aside accordingly. You don’t want to be left having to decide between turning on the electricity or the internet for the first month.

Also, try not to rely on what you think you may be getting back from any security deposits on your own home. Oftentimes, landlords return little of the security deposit for a wide range of reasons. Best to only account for money that you know you have.

Set Your Max Budget

Now that you know what the first month of living in your new home is going to cost, set a maximum budget for your move. Take into account all of the money that you will have available from whatever sources that might be. Try not to rely too heavily on credit if you can, as expenses can mount quickly and you likely don’t want to put yourself in debt too heavily.

Leave Yourself Some Margin

Now that you know how much you are going to have on hand, take a small percentage of that and set it aside. You can go as high as 10 or 12 percent for this emergency fund. Why do you need it?

Because there are always extra costs associated with a move. Whether it is a larger than planned for deposit on a rental vehicle or money to replace something that got broken during the move, you are going to need a little extra cash to see you through. So don’t plan on using every last time for your moving budget alone.

Check Out Professional Moving Companies

You may have your mind set on renting a truck and doing the move yourself with the help of friends and family. You may be surprised to find that hiring professional movers is not as expensive as you think. Take some time to look at all of your options and shop around to see what services may be available.

Trust Pioneer Moving for Your Movers in Kamloops

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