Making the Most Out of Your Long-Distance Winter Move

A long-distance move is quite a chore no matter what season you choose.  However, a winter move provides an extra set of challenges that you will need to account for to keep you and your belongings safe.  As your premier Kamloops movers, here are some important tips to help you navigate the extra challenges of a long-distance winter move.

Weather Watch

Although you can do absolutely nothing about the forecast and chances are you have booked your moving date well in advance, it is never a bad idea to keep an eye on the weather.  If snow is in the future, you may want to allow yourself extra time to clear space for the moving truck.  If a cold snap is forecasted, you will need to dress appropriately and provide extra protection for breakables.

Here’s the Deal:

By being prepared for the weather, you will be able to better manage your long-distance winter move.

Get Shoveling

Snow and ice can be treacherous for movers.  Before moving your first box, be sure to clear all paths, driveways and any other areas of snow and ice.  Sprinkle some salt on slippery patches to clear them away and provide a safe and stable path from your door to the moving truck and your vehicles.

Protect Against the Elements

The snow and cold can damage your belongings, so if you are planning a winter move, be sure to provide extra protection.  Breakables become very brittle in the cold weather and can easily break.  When wrapping up glassware use an extra layer of bubble wrap or newspaper.  If it is snowing, be sure to wrap up boxes and any electronics in a blanket or tarp.  This will keep your belongings dry and add an extra-layer of protection in the cold.

Dress Appropriately

When you are moving, you are going to be in and out of the elements all day long.  The key to being comfortable for the move is to layer your clothing.  You will want to be able to quickly add or subtract a layer or two and keep dry all day long.  Some clothing items that you will want to keep out for moving days include:

  • A hat or toque to keep your head dry and warm.
  • Mits or gloves.
  • A winter jacket.
  • A sweater for easy layering.
  • A sturdy pair of winter boots for added grip.

With a little foresight and some extra preparation, moving in the winter should be no problem. If you would like more information on these or other long-distance winter moving tips, please contact us today.  Our professional and friendly staff offer a wide range of moving services and would be glad to assist you on your next long-distance winter move.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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