Moving the Dining Room

10293007_mMoving day is coming: do you have everything packed? There is plenty of advice on how you should pack and fill up all of the boxes for your move, but what can be very confusing is what to do with the larger items in your house. A quick look around your dining room probably reveals a lot of large, heavy furniture that you really don’t want scratched up. Here are some tips on how to get that bulky dining room packed up and ready for your move.

The Easy Stuff

If you are storing your draperies and table cloths in the dining room, you are going to want to pack those up first. Make sure to fold them neatly and put them in large boxes (remember large boxes are for the light items). If they are made of a material that might get damaged by heat or other adverse environmental conditions, then you might want to enclose them in plastic or something that offers a little more protection than cardboard.

Empty Everything Out

Dishes, silverware and other items should be packed separately. Don’t try to move a china cabinet or buffet with items inside. It will increase the weight and may damage what is inside. Take the time to box up all of the small things and label them so you know where to put them once you get into your new home.

The Dining Room Table

You want to start by disassembling the dining room table. Turn the table onto its side, carefully so as not to damage it and remove the legs. There is typically a bolt or two holding each of the legs on. Once you get the legs removed, put the hardware back into the legs. This way you will be sure that you don’t lose it, and you will know where it goes.

Wrap up the table in moving pads and use packing tape to secure them. To avoid damage you can use bubble wrap as well.

Wrap each of the legs in bubble wrap or some other cloth to protect them. Avoid taping the legs together, this can actually damage them or lead to scratches on them.

If you are looking to save money during your move, instead of using pads you can wrap your table top in bedroom sheets and your table legs in towels. Just remember to wash them once you get to your new home.


If you can remove the legs from the chairs, do so. If not, then use furniture blankets and bubble wrap to cover any of the surfaces that could be scratched. Remove any cushions that you can before doing this as well as you don’t want them to be damaged by tape.

Hire Professional Movers in Kamloops

The easiest way to get your dining room moved is to have professional movers from Pioneer Moving help! We can tackle any move big or small. Contact us today for a quote!


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