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Probably some of the most expensive things you will move are your electronics. We live in an age of technology. Packing up your televisions, computers, and surround sound systems to keep them safe is an important part of a move.

There are things that you can do to make packing, and ultimately unpacking them, much easier.

Mark Your Cables

It took you forever to figure out how to get your 7.1 stereo to talk to your Blu-Ray player. There is no need to lose that configuration. Label all of your cables by using colored and numbered tags.

As you are disassembling your set up, tag each end of the cable and the port that it plugs into with a number or color that matches. This will let you keep what goes where straight when you arrive at your new home and want to hook everything back up.

Use Cable Ties or Wraps

A common mistake that can damage cabling is to not wrap it properly. Remember, inside those cables are small metal wires. If you are not careful when you pack your cables, wires can be bent, twisted and break, making the cable useless.   Some things to remember:

  • The ends of cables near connectors are particularly sensitive. Try not to bend them.
  • Do not wrap a cable around itself. As you wrap a cable up, secure it with a Velcro wire wrap or a zip tie.
  • Protect the ends of your cables. Dirt, debris and other things can get lodged in them causing bad or no connections when you try to plug them back in.

Pack in the Original Boxes

If you have saved the original boxes for your electronics, make sure to use them for the move. Nothing will protect your electronics better than their original packing material.

If you did not save the boxes, do not worry. Many manufacturer websites will have recommendations on proper packing methods for their products.

Wrap in Layers

When you move your electronics, you want to protect them from any damage that can occur from shock or vibrations (being dropped or banged around in a moving truck.) You will want to protect them from dirt as well. This means when you wrap them up, you want to take a twofold approach.

First, wrap them in linen or paper that is going to keep the dust and dirt out. You can secure this with something simple like packing tape. Make sure not to affix tape to the electronics, this can cause damage.

Once they are wrapped in a clean layer, pack them using bubble wrap or a similar paper to keep them safe from vibration and shock.

Trust Pioneer Moving, a Kamloops moving company, to move all of your electronics once they are packed and ready to go. Call us today for an estimate!

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