Packing Up the Bathroom

16465373_mA move requires proper planning and organization in order to go smoothly. Moves have lots of moving parts (pun intended), and you need to make sure that they are all going in the direction you need them to move. One of the biggest parts of any move is the packing. It takes the longest and can end up causing delays if you aren’t properly prepared.  The bathroom is one of the more difficult rooms to pack. Here are some tips on getting your bathroom ready to move.

Set Aside the Essentials

Start by setting aside anything that might be a necessity. These are things that you simply cannot go a day without. Medications, soap, shampoo and cosmetics are examples of the sorts of items that you are going to need. Place these items into a sturdy cardboard box, and label it bathroom essentials. Make sure that it is clearly marked so that it doesn’t get loaded into the moving truck.

Purge What Isn’t Needed

That half a bottle of jasmine-scented shampoo you were saving for a special occasion? It probably doesn’t need to make its way to your new home. Take the time to get rid of things like that as well as open bars of soap. Ensure that you dispose of all of these things properly. If you have some bathroom towels or rags that have seen better days, throw those away as well. If you prefer, you could use them as rags or packing blankets to save yourself a few dollars.

Go Through Medications and Cosmetics

Check all of the medicine that you have for anything that may be expired. If it is, dispose of it properly. Likewise with cosmetics. If there are any that look discolored or has an odd smell or consistency, dispose of them. No telling what an old cosmetic product might do to your body.

If you have prescription medications that you didn’t finish but are still not expired, throw those away as well. There really is no reason to keep them.

Make sure to throw away anything that is not clearly marked.

Time to Pack

Now that everything is cleaned up, it is time to pack it. Any liquids or gels that you have decided to keep should be placed in a sealed container. This could be as simple as a Ziploc plastic bag. The idea is to prevent leakage. Make sure that the container is tightly closed before packing.

Packing should be done in small boxes. Remember bathroom items are heavy, and that’s what small boxes are used for. Line your boxes on the inside with bathroom towels and rags to provide extra padding.

Any remaining towels can be packed into a large box since they are bulky but generally light.

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If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Packing Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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