Preparing for a Long-Distance Move – Part 2

A long-distance move requires far more than just packing up your belongings and heading across town.  To make a long-distance move, there are other, often overlooked factors that will not only make your move easier, they will make the settling in process that much more enjoyable as well.  As the premier movers in Kamloops, we would like to offer these tips on how to properly prepare for your long-distance move.

Get Acquainted with your New Town

It is highly recommended that you take a few days before your final move to get acquainted with your new town and neighbourhood.  Introduce yourself to your neighbours and try to get to know some of the key points in your community.  Places of interest that you may want to find include:

  • Schools or universities if they are applicable to your family.
  • Grocery stores in your area.
  • Restaurants that are easily accessible, so you have somewhere to eat during your unpacking phase.
  • Alternate routes to and from work to alleviate any problems such as congestion or rush hour traffic.
  • Areas of interest for any hobbies that you and your family enjoy.

Taking the time before your move to get to know your new home can alleviate a huge amount of stress and anxiety.

Change Your Address

Do not forget to change your address.  This simple statement is often overlooked, as a stop at your local post office is not enough.  Do not forget to contact your credit card company, insurance company and your bank to change contact information.   Take the time to look through your contacts as well as any friends, relatives or other acquaintances to ensure that these people have your new mailing address.

Here’s the Deal:

Do not rely on having your mail forwarded to your new address, instead be thorough and make a list of contacts that will need your new address.

Make the Calls

With all the chaos associated with a long-distance move, sometimes a few important phone calls are forgotten.  Make sure to place these important calls before your move:

  • Gas company. You will want to cancel your gas at your old home, and have it hooked up and ready in your new home before moving in.
  • Have your power ready for move in day as no one wants to move in the dark.
  • Do not forget to get your water turned off and on, if applicable.
  • Other services such as internet, phones, cable etc.

These long-distance moving tips should ensure that your move is as easy and stress-free as possible.  If you are interested in other long-distance moving tips or would like to see how our services can help with your next move, please contact us today.  We look forward to working with you.


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