Protect Your Furniture From Damage When You Move


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One of the most expensive investments in your home is your furniture. When you are moving, you want to take it all with you. How can you avoid all the dings, scratches and tears that are waiting to happen as your furniture is moved into your new home?

Here are some tips on how to protect your furniture from damage while you move.

Wrap Everything

If you are afraid of something getting a scratch, wrap it to protect it. Bubble wrap held in place with shrink wrap is a good choice for protecting things from scratches.

If you are in a budget pinch, consider using towels and packing tape. Just remember, when wrapping anything, you do not want the packing tape to contact the surface of what you are trying to protect. Tape sticks and can cause damage when you take it off.

Tie Items Together

If you are packing long thin items like lamps, tie them together with rope after wrapping. If they are tied, you prevent them from shifting around in the moving truck and causing damage to themselves and other items in the truck.

If your lamp stands have sharp edges, make sure to wrap them up. They can damage items nearby.

Use Your Pillows

Couches and chairs that have removable pillows are typically moved without them in place. When you take those pillows off, wrap them up in a trash bag to keep them clean and then use them for padding in your moving truck.

Try to avoid using bed linens, they can be fragile and tear if you are using them as padding. Sturdy blankets can be used if you have them, just be sure to wash them after your move.

Use Cardboard For Pictures and Mirrors

For fragile items like picture frames and mirrors, you may want to protect them with cardboard. Ideally, packing them back in their original boxes is your best option. If you no longer have them, moving companies sell boxes specifically designed to protect picture frames and mirrors.

Another option for packing these things is bubble wrap. Layering bubble wrap over the frame, and using extra to reinforce corners so that they do not poke through the bubble wrap and rip it during the move.

Wrap Up Things That Stick Out

Chairs have arms and legs. Anything that might be sticking out is usually a place that can be banged during a move.

Wrapping them will prevent damage. It will also minimize the damage to other items around them should they shift during transport.

Hire Movers

While it might seem like a smart move to save money and have friends help you, it might surprise you how little local movers can cost. Professional movers know how to get you into your new home without damaging your furniture.

For all of your Kamloops moving needs, contact Pioneer Moving today!


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