Reduce the Time you Spend on Your Move

46407217_mMoving is a time consuming process. There are a lot of moving parts to a successful move and they all need to be considered carefully. The more time you spend thinking about the parts of your move, the less time you will spend moving overall. A little organization and planning can go a long way. Here are some time saving tips for your next Kamloops move.

Make a Task List

Start planning your move by making a comprehensive list of things that you are going to need to get done. Once you have your list created, prioritize it by time. What needs to be done first and what needs to be done last. Try and estimate how much time you are going to need to spend on each of these tasks in order to complete them and cross them off your list.

Now that you have a rough timeline, you can organize your activities backwards, starting at the date of your move and ending with the things that need to be done last. When you get to the beginning of your list, it is always good to add a few extra days, or even weeks if you can spare the time, to account for unforeseen things like bad weather or emergencies.

Set Up Phone Reminders

Once you have your task list and schedule all made up, you can leverage technology to help you. Most smart phones come with a calendar app that you can use to set up reminders. Put each of your tasks on your list onto your phone’s calendar and set up reminders for yourself for when the job should begin and when it should end. You can use these reminders to keep yourself on track.

Make a Floor Plan

You have a new home picked out. When you did that, you most likely had a floor plan in your head of what rooms were going to have what functions. Now take a minute to jot down a little floor plan of your new home. You can use this to organize the unloading of your boxes when they arrive at your new home.

Code Your Boxes to Your Floor Plan

As you are packing boxes, label them as to what is inside of each one. Once they are properly labeled you can add floor plan details to them. Use color coding, numbering or some system to identify each box so that as it comes off of the moving truck you can take it straight to the room that is going to contain all of the things inside the box.

Have Plenty of Help

Whether you are planning on doing the move yourself or hiring professional Kamloops movers, you are going to have to have someone help you on your move. Identify who that is going to be up front and get them involved.

Hire Kamloops Movers for Your Next Move

Pioneer Moving is a great choice for your next move. Contact us today.

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