When to Schedule Your Business Move

Are you looking to move your business to a new location? As with any move, timing is critical. It can be even more critical if you are planning to relocate your business. After all, every hour spent moving is one that is spent not getting the mission of your company done. Here are some tips for ensuring that the timing of your move causes the least disruption.

Move During Business Hours

Moving during business hours offers you several advantages. First, your employees will be more likely to help out and less likely to feel put out if you have them move during their regular working day. Employees that have to help with an after-hours move might feel taken advantage.

It might also save your business money. Many buildings charge extra for moves that occur after hours. Moving during business hours will ensure you have access to things like freight elevators and any facilities staff you might need.

Move Mid-Week

Just like it might be tempting to move after hours, avoid the temptation to move on a weekend. Moving mid-week will allow your employees some time to get settled in before the weekend comes. It also means that if there are any last minute arrangements you need to make with service providers that they will be available to help. That might not be the case if you move on the weekend.

Move Mid-Month

Do you find that your business is busier at the beginning or the end of the month? Typically, that is the case. Mid-month things slow down which allows you some breathing room in order to get the move in before things pick up. You can also avoid being charged premium rates by service providers if you move in the middle of the month because they are not as busy as well.

Move Off-Season

Typically, moving companies are busiest during the summer months. This means that the cost to hire them is at a premium during those months. If you are planning to move your office and you have some flexibility of when during the year, you can schedule the move for off times. This is typically from October to April. You will find that along with a cost savings, you will also be able to get more flexibility from professional movers as their calendars are not nearly as full.

Consider the Weather

Your location is probably subject to unique weather conditions. Are you in hurricane territory? What about tornadoes, ice or snow? Moving during inclement weather conditions is not a good idea. If you can, schedule your move around any weather patterns that might cause your move to be delayed or canceled. It should be pretty easy to remain within the off season but still pick a time when the weather will be favorable to your move.

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