Self-Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Are you thinking about renting a self-storage unit to help with your next move? Maybe you just need a little room in your home for the time being. No matter the reason, a self-storage unit is a great way to get some extra needed space.

There are some very wrong ways to use a self-storage unit. Here are some common mistakes to avoid if you are planning on renting one of these useful spaces for yourself.

Perishable Items

Your self-storage unit is not a pantry. Storing anything that you can eat in them is generally a very bad idea. Most storage units are not sealed which means that pests can easily get into them. Food items are a great way to attract pests. Once they find a food source, you might find that they have taken up residence in the clothing or furniture that you have stored in your unit. If you need long term food storage, there are much better options. Keep food out of your self-storage unit.

Mystery Boxes

Now you have your storage unit all loaded with the boxes that you needed to clear out. It’s great until you need something in one of those boxes. Will you remember exactly what is in each box, and where you put that box a month from now? What about two or three months from now?

Avoid having to search through all of your boxes by carefully labeling them. Not only will labels help you find what you need when you are going through your storage unit, but they will also help when you eventually clear it out and need to find a permanent home for all of those things.

Newspaper Wrapping

It might seem like a good idea when you are packing. Newspaper is cheap, readily available and seems to end up everywhere. The biggest problem with newspaper is that it has ink on it. That ink loves to run when it is in an uncontrolled environment.

You really don’t want your wine glasses stained with newspaper ink. While they may come clean, you may also find them permanently ruined. There are plenty of ink free alternatives like packing paper or bubble wrap for you to use. Stick with those. You will be much happier for it.

Skipping the Insurance

Storage facilities are self-service for a reason. Part of self-storage contracts states that the company that is providing you the space is not responsible for any damages that might occur to your property. This means that if something happens, even if it isn’t your fault, your property might be a total loss. This is why insurance on your storage unit is so important.

Make sure that everything you have in there is covered by your homeowners or an additional rental policy. That way, if the worst does happen, you don’t lose everything.

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