Spring Storage Tips

The warmer weather and longer days make spring the perfect time to get to all of those cleaning jobs that you have been putting off.  You may find that part of the clutter in your home is an overabundance of belongings that are in desperate need of storage.  As the premier movers in Kamloops we would like to offer you the following spring storage tips.

Let the Rotation Begin

A self-storage unit is the perfect solution for all of your needs.  It allows a seamless rotation between your winter and summer items and will free up much needed space in your home.  Some of the items that you may want to consider moving into storage include:

  • Seasonal sporting equipment such as skis or golf clubs.
  • Bulky seasonal clothing such as winter jackets and sweaters.
  • Christmas and other holiday decorations.
  • Summer balcony furniture.

By storing these items, you will free up space in your home and better organize your living space.

As you begin to gather all of the winter items that you will be moving into your storage locker, take the time to see what can be donated or simply thrown away.  The seasonal rotation of your goods is the perfect time to take stock of what is and is not of importance.

Here’s the deal:

A general rule of thumb is if you did not use a particular item over the course of the winter, do you really need it?  Something to keep in mind as you are packing up your seasonal goods.

Have a Plan

Spring is the season that is synonymous with cleaning and decluttering because it is that transitional time between summer and winter.  It is also one of the busiest times for movers and self-storage rentals, so make sure that you have planned accordingly.  Try to reserve a unit that will accommodate all of your stored items before the big spring rush.  This will guarantee that you get the proper sized unit at a lower rate.

While you are moving all of your winter gear into your self-storage locker, we recommend that you:

  • Pack and store all of your belongings in an orderly fashion and according to when you will need them again. Anything that you will be needing in the near future make sure to pack near the front of the unit.
  • Use bins and stackable shelves to keep all of your items better organized.
  • Label all boxes and storage bins because there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting what and where you have stored some of your seasonal items.

A storage locker is the perfect way to organize, declutter and open up space in your home and now is the perfect time to begin.  We offer first class storage facilities for all of your goods for both short term and long term usage.  Our facilities are safe, clean, and secure.  If you would like more information on our storage units or to see how we can help with your storage needs, please contact us today.

More Information

If you would like more information on storage please see our Storage page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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