Tips for Moving Long Distances with Pets

A long-distance move can be an interesting time for the best of us.  One of the most overlooked members of the family that can feel the effects of a long-distance move is the family pet.  If you are looking to relocate your pet, then there are precautions that you should take to ensure that the move is a positive one.  As your premier Kamloops movers, we would like to share the following tips for moving long distances with pets.


Once you know that you are moving, make sure to put in the extra time with your pet and get acclimated to the various steps of moving. These should include:

  • Take your pet for car rides to get them used to car travel. This will reduce any anxiety associated with travel.
  • Practice using a harness or a leash. As you move across the country you are going to need to walk your dog or cat so make sure they are used to this process.

Get a Carrier

You will want to keep your pet safe during the move, so it is a wise idea to invest in a good pet carrier.  The carrier should be large enough so that your pet can move and stretch, and it should be made of a durable material.

Use a Collar

Use a collar when moving your pet and be sure that the following information is attached:

  • Your pet’s name.
  • Your new address including the province.
  • Your name and phone number.

This information is invaluable in the case that your pet becomes lost during the long-distance move.

Book Pet Friendly

Depending on the length of your long-distance move, you will need places to sleep along your journey.  When booking hotels, make sure that you are booking pet-friendly ones so that your family pet has somewhere other than the car to sleep.

Pack Health Documents

Your pet’s health documents should be stored and packed in the same place as your other important documents such as passports and insurance papers.  These papers will be especially important if you are crossing any borders when moving.

Start a Routine

Once you have moved in, you will want to establish a routine for your pet as soon as possible.  This routine should be implemented even before the unpacking phase is complete.  You will want to get out your pets’ water and food dishes as well as their toys and blankets to help them feel more at home in their new surroundings.

These essential tips will make sure that your pet is at ease on your next long-distance move.  If you would like other tips on how to help your pet move or would like more information on our moving services, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your experience and look forward to hearing from you soon.



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