Tips for Your Storage Unit

21895651_mRenting a storage unit can be a great way to free up some room in your home or store things for your business. There are some things you may not be aware of doing that could maximize the use of the unit. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your storage unit and keeping your stored items safe.

Use Pallets as the Storage Unit Floor

Outdoor storage units are designed to let water run away from the walls in to floor drains in case something spills. Unfortunately during heavy rains, snow melts, or even next door spills, water or other liquids can get inside your unit. If this happens, things on the floor can get wet; — unless you use wooden pallets. Pallets are a great way to keep your things up off the floor and out of harm’s way. Sometimes you can even get the pallets for a reduced cost or for free from stores that aren’t using them anymore.

Choose a Sturdy Lock

Most storage unit providers have great security to go along with their rental units. Even with that, you don’t want to choose an inexpensive lock for your unit. Make sure to pick a sturdy lock that can keep your items secure. Also keep in mind that if you want a lock that can stand up to the weather. Having one that rusts might keep everyone, including you, out of your storage unit.

Label Your Boxes

If you are going to be storing your things long term, you might need access to them at some point. You don’t want to have to go opening all of your boxes just to find that one item you need. Labels can help with that. Put a quick label on the box outlining what is in it, and then maybe on an inside flap a list of the contents. This way you can get to what you need to quickly and easily.

Can You Deal with Changes in Temperature?

Are the items you are storing sensitive to changes in temperature, or can they survive just fine in the heat and the cold? Ask yourself this question before you rent so you know if you should get a climate controlled storage facility or not. If you do have items that are more sensitive to temperature swings, you should consider paying extra in order to keep them safe.

Stack Smart

When you rent a storage unit, you pay for how much space you get. You want to make sure that you get enough to keep all of your items without overpaying for space you don’t need. Clever stacking can help you get the most out of the space you choose. Remember to keep the heavy items on the bottom and get lighter as you move up. Also make sure the bottom boxes can handle the weight!

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