Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

You’ll want to be prepared in case you wake up to this on moving day

Winter is officially fast approaching our community and our Kamloops moving company has already begun our logistical preparations for the dropping temperatures, road conditions, and other climate based considerations. A household relocation in the early winter can be a challenge for residents moving to or from our region but our Kamloops moving company,  with its years of experience in navigating cold weather south central BC / Kamloops moving, is here in time to prepare you for moving in the cold weather months ahead.

Here are 6 Tips for Cold Weather Moving:

1. Layers

It’s not groundbreaking to suggest that you dress warm when moving in cold weather but what many neglect to prepare for is that during the process of jumping in and out of homes, vehicles, and in the midst of heavy lifting and packing, you get sweaty no matter how cold it is outside. Dress with plenty of layers that can be taken off and put back on again without hassle. Begin with a snug t-shirt, layer it with a hoodie or easy-to-remove sweater, followed by a warm jacket in addition to a scarf, hat, and the works so that you can remove or put back on items at any moment.

2. Climatized Driving

Whether the weather brings frozen rain or snow, the roads in Kamloops can be treacherous in the winter. Have your vehicle thoroughly inspected weeks before your move and have chains, snow tires, and a trunk packed with cold weather combatants (antifreeze, etc…). Even with a forecast calling for clear skies, it’s better to be prepared. The local weather person has been known to be wrong from time to time.

3. Create Clear Paths

Keep road salt and shovels on hand to prepare for an overnight freeze or snowfall. You’ll want to clear all paths and walkways leaving from and leading to both your current home and new home so that you or anyone helping with the move is safe from slips and falls thus avoiding injury and liability.

4. The Heat is On, Right?

Even if you run a few days over into a new billing period after you’ve vacated, keep the heating bill paid on your current home so that you are able to pack up in warm and comfortable conditions. On that same note be sure that the heat is on in your new home so that it is heartwarming cozy when placing your possessions and unpacking within. Be aware of all heating control locations so that you or those helping out on the move don’t obstruct access to the controls by placing tall boxes and furnishings in the way. If your new home is equipped with a fireplace, maintain a low flame (IF someone remains on site the whole time) which will add to the warmth and create a nice toasty atmosphere for all involved in the relocation.

5. Climate Sensitive Possessions

Electronics, antiques, and recreational equipment are especially sensitive to extreme changes in climate. If you anticipate that your possessions may be sitting in an outdoor area (front yard, open van, etc…) for a long period of time, be sure that the delicate items are removed from the current home last and are placed in the new home first. It is also important to acclimatize your electronics before turning on the power to avoid short circuiting and damage. You may also consider temporarily placing these items in our climate controlled Kamloops storage facility.

6. Hot Beverages

A cooler full of ice cold Corona may be an incentive for getting helpers for moving in the summer but it doesn’t hold the same attraction when Jack Frost is nipping at their nose. Instead, stock up on warm coffee and hot chocolate for cold weather moves and stop to take warm sips when frost starts to bite.

The best way, however, to beat the cold weather challenge during a household move is to sit in comfort with your family around the fireplace or heated living room of your new home, warm beverages in hand, and leave it up to our Kamloops moving company to brave the cold south central BC winter conditions for you.

More Information

If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Moving Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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