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We all love our pets. No matter if it’s a cat or a dog, we like to think of them as part of our family. However, moving them with us can sometimes get complicated. For that reason, according to a 1999 report from National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, moving is viewed as the most common reason for giving dogs to shelters and the third-most reason for cats.

Of course, taking your pets with you to your next destination isn’t difficult with the right preparation. For people looking for Kamloops movers, read below to explore some of the steps to take with regards to your animals before moving.

What To Do Before

Typically, moving pets involves transporting cats and dogs, and each animal responds to relocation differently. Cats, for example, are known to not be quick to adapt to a change of surroundings as dogs are. Cats love consistency, and stress-related behavioural changes can arise as a result of a sudden change in environment. For felines, the best approach is to introduce a sense of familiarity to them. This includes leaving a carrier out for them to examine on a daily basis and even adding a favourite toy inside.

With dogs, while they are more sociable, it still helps to have them riding in a car for a few weeks before the move, especially if they haven’t been in one often. When on the road, they should be restrained either with a safety harness which attaches to most seat belts or by using a mesh or metal safety gate.

Many of us have other kinds of animals, including fish and reptiles. These types of pets often require special handling and research is needed to find the right service for your needs. With fish, the best option can be overnight shipping from an animal moving company, especially for trips taking longer than one day.

During and After The Move

Now that your pets are secure, it’s time to take into consideration how long it will take to move to your new location. If your trip is multiple days and you need to stop for the night, verify with the hotel that is it pet-friendly. In most cases, hotels have a small number of these rooms, and can vary depending on the size of the pet. In addition, check the room for any open holes or windows you pet can get loose in.

Once you arrive at your new home, move your pet to a single room while you examine the house. Look around to make sure there is nothing that could hurt your animal like drapery cords and holes. After everything is moved in, allow the pet to explore their new place.

Another tip is to give the animal a sense of familiarity. If your cat was used to having a litter box located in the bathroom at your old home, have it in the same place in the new one. Allowing for changes to happen incrementally can help the pet acclimate, a process which can take days or even a few weeks.

How Kamloops Movers Help With Pet Moving

When it comes to your pets, great care must be taken to ensure that relocation is a smooth process. By keeping constancy and safety, the move can be perfect for both animal and human alike. The Kamloops movers at Pioneer Moving have the experience to assist you in moving your items all while keeping the best interests of your pets in mind. To schedule service with us, call 250-573-6083 today or visit us online.

More Information

If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Moving Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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