Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving can be busy regardless of what time of the year.  Winter, however, can be a particularly interesting time to move.  Above all, you need to be prepared, patient and flexible during the entire moving process.  As the premier movers in Kamloops, we would like to offer you these moving tips for winter to help you have the most successful move possible.

Get an Early Start

Make sure to get an early start come moving day.  Moving in winter means that you will have to contend with shorter days and less daylight.  What you will want to avoid is moving in the dark as this is both difficult and dangerous.  You will also want to move during the warmest part of the day – so make sure to plan accordingly.

Be Prepared for the Weather

The weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but during the winter months, weather can be downright debilitating.  Unfortunately, moving dates are usually firm and cannot be changed and you may need to factor in a snowstorm or frigid temperatures to your move, so be prepared.

Ways to lessen the effects of winter on your move include:

  • Salting and shoveling the driveway and the path between your home and the moving van. This will prevent slipping and make the arduous task of moving heavy boxes that much easier.
  • Have something warm to drink. A warm drink is a must, especially if it is far below zero.
  • Dress in layers and always have a winter jacket, gloves and a toque handy. You do not want to get too cold or overheat during the move.
  • Lay down some old carpet or plastic in both your old home and your new one. This will provide an extra barrier of protection from muddy and wet shoes and boots and minimize the amount of cleanup you will have after the move.

It is also advisable to keep a winter supply kit in your car.  This should include a scraper and an extra set of winter clothes.  Make sure they are accessible in case an emergency occurs during the move.

Protect your Items from Winter

Extreme winter weather can damage your items, so make sure to protect them during the move.  Snow can cover boxes and then melt, soaking moving boxes and everything inside.  Make sure to have waterproof tarps on hand to cover boxes to prevent snow build up.

Extreme temperatures can also make breakable items such as dishes and glasses even more brittle.  Make sure to take extra caution with fragile items, so you don’t end up with boxes of broken glass.

By following these winter moving tips, you should be able to enjoy a stress free move.  Remember to be prepared and with some extra planning and patience, the overall moving process should be seamless and perhaps even enjoyable.

If you would like more information or tips about winter moving, please feel free to contact us today.  We offer professional moving services and our staff are friendly and always willing to lend a hand.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Happy moving.

More Information

If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Moving Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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