How to Get your Pool Table Ready for your Long-Distance Move – Part 2

With so many important steps required to properly take a pool table apart, a second blog is needed.  As your premier Kamloops movers, here are the final steps on how to safely and effectively disassemble your pool table for your next long-distance move.

Removing the Aprons

Chances are, your pool table has four aprons that are attached to the rails with bolts.  Undo each bolt and remove the aprons.  Be sure to wrap them individually in a blanket to protect them during the move.

Removing Pocket Casting and Disassembling Rails

The next step is to remove your pool table’s pockets.  You will need a 14 mm socket or wrench to remove the 12 bolts.  After all the pockets have been removed from their respective rails, wrap each rail up to protect it from damage.

Removing the Felt

Get your staple remover and needle nosed pliers ready and give yourself ample time.  When you are removing the felt from your table do not rush as you will want to prevent any unnecessary damage. If the felt is glued to the table be extra careful and very slowly pull back the felt (felt is notoriously easy to rip).

Here’s the deal:

Neatly fold the felt without putting any pressure on the fold lines – you don’t want to wrinkle or create creases.  Store your table’s felt in a waterproof bag to prevent water damage during your long-distance move.

Disassembling the Slate Pieces

Your pool table will have 4 pieces of slate attached with 4 screws each.  Before disassembling the slates, make sure to label each slate #1 – #4 to avoid any confusion when reassembling your table. Remember to mark the middle of your table so that you know the exact position of each slate when putting them back together.  You will need extra help when moving each slate as they are heavy (250 lbs.) and a chip or scratch can ruin your whole table.

Taking apart the frame

After each slate has been properly removed, you can flip the table over and begin removing the legs.  Be sure to properly label and securely attach all hardware and wrap legs up.

Your pool table has now been properly disassembled and is ready to be stored and packed away for your long-distance move.  Double check to ensure that each part of your pool table has been labeled. We recommend that you pack your entire pool table together so that when it is being moved and reassembled, all the pieces are easily accessible.

This detailed step by step process of how to dissemble your pool table should allow you to easily and safely move your table long distances.  If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of these steps, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We offer a wide range of long-distance moving services and our friendly and professional staff are always ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you soon and being a part of your next long-distance move.




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