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More Winter Moving Tips and Strategies

With the winter real estate market heating up in Kamloops, you may have thought about either selling your home or as a first-time homebuyer, getting into the market.  Either way, 2021 is off to a fast and exciting start and regardless of whether you are moving homes, upgrading, downsizing or even just purchasing your first home, you are going to need to move your belongings into your new space.

Believe it or not, a winter move doesn’t have to be any more difficult or more stressful than a move during any other season.  With the right planning, know-how and thoughtfulness, your winter move should be no problem at all.  As your premier Kamloops movers, we would like to share the following tips and strategies that will help alleviate your stress and worries and make your winter move a successful one.

Prepared, Patient and Flexible

Like anything in life, being fully prepared for any major event is probably the best way to ensure that it is a success and goes off without a hitch.  This is especially true when it comes to a winter move.  When it comes to moving day, we at Pioneer moving cannot stress enough to be prepared for all types of winter weather.

The weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but during the winter months, weather can be downright debilitating.  Unfortunately, moving dates are usually firm and cannot be changed and you may need to factor in a snowstorm or frigid temperatures to your move, so be prepared.

Ways to lessen the effects of winter on your move include:

  • Salting and shoveling the driveway and the path between your home and the moving van. This will prevent slipping and make the arduous task of moving heavy boxes that much easier.
  • Have something warm to drink. A warm drink is a must, especially if it is far below zero.
  • Dress in layers and always have a winter jacket, gloves and a toque handy. You do not want to get too cold or overheat during the move.
  • Lay down some old carpet or plastic in both your old home and your new one. This will provide an extra barrier of protection from muddy and wet shoes and boots and minimize the amount of cleanup you will have after the move.

It is also advisable to keep a winter supply kit in your car.  This should include a scraper and an extra set of winter clothes.  Make sure they are accessible in case an emergency occurs during the move.

Besides trying to be prepared for all types of winter weather, it is a good idea to get an early start on packing, so that you are fully prepared for moving day.  When preparing your home for packing, some guidelines that are sure to help include:

  • Ensure that you start as early as possible. Time management is always key to a successful and stress-free move.
  • Gather all the needed materials so that you do not run out or have to scramble to find more halfway through your move. We recommend having plenty of sturdy cardboard boxes of all sizes, packing tape to seal and reinforce these boxes, a sharpy or felt to label all boxes.
  • Put a checklist inside each box or tape it to the outside. This will help you keep all your belongings organized and will make the unpacking part of your move that much easier.

Be patient.  It is important to keep this in mind.  Chances are you are going to encounter some roadblocks or unplanned circumstances during your move.  When these occur, it is important to stay calm and be patient.  If your move takes longer because of unforeseen circumstances such as weather then just roll with it.  It does no good to worry or overreact to things that you cannot change or influence.  The calmer you are, the easier the move will be on you and your family.

Finally, be flexible.  The earlier that you know your move in, or move out, dates the better.  Call and book your movers as soon as you can firm up those dates and go from there.  However, you may need to be flexible as some dates or days are busier than others.  If you can try to book during the week as the weekend tends to be a busier time for moving companies.  If you can’t get your preferred date, don’t panic, try to rearrange a few things on your end to see what other dates will work.  If worse comes to worst, try to work with that moving company to find a date or time that is convenient for both parties.


The earlier you can book the better chance you have of getting your preferred dates.

Get an Early Startmovers Kamloops

If at all possible, make sure to get an early start come moving day.  Moving in winter means that you will have to contend with shorter days and less daylight.  What you will want to avoid is moving in the dark as this is both difficult and dangerous.  You will also want to move during the warmest part of the day, those coveted daylight hours – so make sure to plan accordingly.

Protect your Items from Winter

Extreme winter weather can damage your items, so make sure to protect them during the move.  Snow can cover boxes and then melt, soaking moving boxes and everything inside.  Damaged boxes can fall apart unexpectedly dumping your belongings in the snow or all over the groundbreaking in the process. Make sure to have waterproof tarps on hand to cover boxes to prevent snow build-up during the moving process.

Extreme temperatures can also make breakable items such as dishes and glasses even more brittle.  Make sure to take extra caution with fragile items, so you don’t end up with boxes of broken glass. This may mean a few extra layers of tissue or bubble wrap, packing fewer breakables in any one box and adding more protective filling.

Electronics are another group of moving items that need extra care.  When packing your electronics, try to wrap them in protective layers with extra care.  Spend time ensuring that they are protected from the wet and the cold weather.  When it comes to larger items such as televisions, wrapping them in blankets or sheets will help protect them from getting bumped or broken during the moving process.


Before rushing to plug in all your electronic devices, keep in mind that it is important to let them warm up and acclimatize to prevent any shorts or other damage when unpacking them.


It’s not groundbreaking to suggest that you dress warmly when moving in cold weather but what many neglect to prepare for is that during the process of jumping in and out of homes, vehicles, and amid heavy lifting and packing, you get sweaty no matter how cold it is outside.

Dress with plenty of layers that can be taken off and put back on again without hassle. Begin with a snug t-shirt, layer it with a hoodie or easy-to-remove sweater, followed by a warm jacket in addition to a scarf, hat, and the works so that you can remove or put back on items at any moment.

Another often overlooked part of any winter moving outfit is footwear.  We recommend a sturdy winter boot that is waterproof or at least water-resistant with support and proper grip.  The last thing that you want is to slip when moving boxes.  Dry socks and dry feet will ensure that you are warm and comfortable during your upcoming winter move.

Climatized Driving

Whether the weather brings frozen rain or snow, the roads in Kamloops can be treacherous in the winter. Have your vehicle thoroughly inspected weeks before your move and have chains, snow tires, and a trunk packed with cold-weather combatants (antifreeze, etc…). Even with a forecast calling for clear skies, it’s better to be prepared. The local weather forecaster has been known to be wrong from time to time.

Create Clear Paths

Although this has been mentioned under the prepared subheading, clearing paths is so important from a safety and liability standpoint. Keep road salt and shovels on hand to prepare for an overnight freeze or snowfall. You’ll want to clear all paths and walkways leaving from and leading to both your current home and new home so that you or anyone helping with the move is safe from slips and falls thus avoiding injury and liability.

The Heat is On, Right?

Even if you run a few days over into a new billing period after you’ve vacated, keep the heating bill paid on your current home so that you can pack up in warm and comfortable conditions. On that same note be sure that the heat is on in your new home so that it is cozy when unpacking within. Be aware of all heating control locations so that you or those helping out on the move don’t obstruct access to the controls by placing tall boxes and furnishings in the way. If your new home is equipped with a fireplace, maintain a low flame (If someone remains on site the whole time) which will add to the warmth and create a nice toasty atmosphere for all involved in the relocation.

Climate Sensitive Possessions

Antiques, and recreational equipment are especially sensitive to extreme changes in climate. If you anticipate that your possessions may be sitting in an outdoor area (front yard, open van, etc…) for a long period of time, be sure that the delicate items are removed from the current home last and are placed in the new home first. You may also consider temporarily placing these items in our climate-controlled Kamloops storage facility.

Hot Beverages

A cooler full of ice-cold Corona may be an incentive for getting helpers for moving in the summer but it doesn’t hold the same attraction when Jack Frost is nipping at their nose. Instead, stock up on warm coffee and hot chocolate for cold weather moves and stop to take warm sips when frost starts to bite.

The best way, however, to beat the cold-weather challenge during a household move is to sit in comfort with your family around the fireplace or heated living room of your new home, warm beverages in hand, and leave it up to our Kamloops moving company to brave the cold south-central BC winter conditions for you.

When preparing for your winter move, it may be advisable to find something else for your family to be doing come moving day.  This will ring especially true for families with small children.  Perhaps you can convince a family friend or uncle or aunt or another family member to find some wonderful winter activity to keep them occupied while you move your belongings.  Some suggestions form Pioneer Movers include:

Ice Skating

If you’re looking for outdoor skating the recommended rinks include Pineview Valley Community Ice Rink, Juniper Ice Rink and Dallas-Barnhartvale Church. If you prefer indoor skating rinks you can always head down to Brock Arena Ice Skating Rink, Valleyview Arena or the Memorial Arena Ice Skating Rink.

Tubing and Tobogganing

One of the all-time favourite winter activities has always been tobogganing. It’s a great activity to make a day out of, along with hot cocoa. Some of the best local spots for tobogganing are Harper Mountain, Rayleigh, Bachelor Heights and Aberdeen. Click here for more information on hill locations.

Sleigh Rides

This is a great way to spend the day with someone special or for the young ones as they always get a kick out of the horse-drawn sled. Prepare a thermos of hot cocoa and head out to The Ranch which is approximately 45 minutes from downtown. Make sure to call in advance and schedule your sleigh ride as they only offer rides by appointment.

These are just a few of the many great winter activities that are available in the Kamloops area.  If you would like more information on these or other great activities please contact us today.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff would love to help.

All of the winter moving tips and strategies that we have just listed will help you enjoy a stress-free and successful move.  Remember to be prepared and with some extra planning and patience, the overall moving process should be seamless and perhaps even enjoyable.

If you are interested in more details or information on these or other tips about winter moving, please feel free to stop by or contact us today.  We offer a wide range of professional moving services, and our staff are friendly and always willing to lend a hand.  We look forward to working with you soon and would love to be a part of your next winter move.

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