Protecting Your Furniture During a Move

Perhaps the most difficult part of the moving process is dealing with your furniture.  Many of these items are typically heavy and cumbersome and difficult to fit through doors, around corners and up and down stairs.  The last thing you want is to damage or scratch your furniture, the walls or door frames.  As the premier Kamloops movers, we would like to offer you this guide to protect your furniture during the move.

Evaluate and Measure

Before jumping right into the moving process, take the time and come up with a plan for each large furniture piece.  Decide if you are going to bringing all your furniture with you or if you will be discarding and replacing it.  Also look to see if any of your furniture is fragile, breakable or extremely valuable (i.e. Antiques).  If this is the case you will probably want to have those items professionally packed.

Once you have formulated a plan for your furniture, measure each piece.  When measuring, make sure to:

  • Measure the length, depth and width and record these numbers.
  • Measure the diagonal dimensions to see if it will fit through the doors and around corners of both your new place and your old.
  • Have the floor plan of your new home to see if and how your furniture will fit into the new space. You may need to re-evaluate some of your decisions based on these dimensions.

Take it Apart

After your furniture has been measured and evaluated, see what parts can be disassembled to make the moving process easier, lighter and less cumbersome.  Some common parts to dissemble include:

  • Couch, table and chair legs.
  • All glass furniture pieces – make sure to wrap glass to prevent damage or breakage.
  • Bed frames.

Here’s the Deal:

Label furniture pieces for easy reassembly.  Also, label and attach nuts, screws and washers to the corresponding piece of furniture in a plastic zip lock bag.

Protect your Furniture

When you begin to move your furniture, protect to prevent any scuffing or damage.  Some creative ways to protect your furniture include:

  • Traditional furniture blankets – these blankets are thicker than a normal blanket and padded to prevent any damage to corners or walls. They are also weighted, so they do not slip off during the moving process.
  • Shrink Wrap – A great way to ensure that your furniture pieces stay together during the move.
  • Bubble Wrap – Useful for any fragile or breakable furniture. Make sure to wrap each piece of furniture multiple times for full protection.

Ask the Professionals

No amount of protection can possibly replace the experience, knowledge and skills of professional movers.  We have moved countless pieces of furniture without damage and offer a wide range of moving services to assist you with this task.  We provide free estimates and our friendly, professional staff can ensure that your moving experience is as stress-free and positive as possible.  To see how we can help, please contact us today.





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