The Advantages of Using a Professional Mover

Professional moving boxes

There are several advantages to hiring professional movers rather than going through the ordeal of attempting a move on your own, including keeping your friends happy. Nearly everyone has helped a friend move. After moving your things, there may be scrapes, bumps and bruises on your friends- and on your belongings.

Here are some ways you can benefit from using professional movers.

Time Management

Even the most schedule savvy of us can have issues coordinating a move. Scheduling the helpers, the truck and arriving at your destination for unloading seldom go as planned when you do it yourself.

Professional movers will handle all of the time management for you. They will schedule any pickups, getting your move started and finished according to your time table.

Avoid Scratched and Damaged Items

Even friends with the best intentions will somehow manage to put scratches in your family’s antique rocking chair.

Professional movers know how to move items and prevent damage. They are also much better at moving oversized or extra heavy items. Professional movers are also insured; any damage that might occur will be covered by their insurance company instead of you.

Packing Services Will Save Time

Your family might be able to assist you on moving day, but they are most likely not going to help pack up your home before the move.

Professional movers offer packing services and will handle all of the packing for you. These services include providing packing boxes and padding for fragile items.

Instead of spending hours packing and wrapping every small glass item, professionals have specialized boxes and packing materials that can achieve the task in a fraction of the time it would take to get it done on your own.

Improve Efficiency

Once all of your items are packed up and ready to go, a moving company can have the truck loaded quickly and efficiently. They know how to navigate small hallways and doorways with large items and have done it countless times.

Cost Savings: Spend a Little to Save a Lot

Yes, hiring a professional mover costs money, but how much does not hiring them cost you? Your time off work, money spent on packing materials, truck rentals and gasoline are all things that can affect your pocketbook.

All of these things can be taken care of by professionals, leaving you time to focus on other important parts of the move. After the move, all the leftover packing tape, boxes, moving blankets and bubble wrap may be of no use to you. This does not happen with professionals.

Many people do not even consider hiring a professional mover when planning a large move. Most overlook all the additional costs and time investment they will incur on their own. Consider hiring Pioneer Moving and Storage for all of your Kamloops moving needs!

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