The Season of the Bear

As the summer winds down for the season (someone forgot to tell the weather) bears prepare for their season long slumber. When this happens, they stock up on food preserves in the same manner that us humans do before holiday season kicks in. But these feral grocery shoppers will be coming around the mountain and into our community to stock their bellies full.

The exceptionally warm summer saw an outbreak of bear sightings from the Nicola Valley to Kamloops region. BC Wildlife Park and McArthur Island Park has been owned by our thick furred neighbors through August and campers had to keep eyes and ears open day and night. Experts anticipate even more bear activity in and around Kamloops for the month of September and although incidences will likely remain uneventful for the most part (unless you disturb cubs) Kamloops residents should be mindful.

So what does this have to do with our Kamloops moving company blog? Are we going to suggest that you pack everything into our Kamloops storage facility and head south for the season? No. Aside from continuing to provide a community information service for our beloved Kamloops residents, we offer tips on packing, moving, and storage. In this instance, we see a direct correlation to the topic of bears in Kamloops and preparing for a move.

Packing up the kitchen and pantry is one of the most time consuming aspects of the moving process due to the multitude of foodstuffs that people collect over the months. When it comes time to move, they find themselves staring down cupboards and shelves full of canned and packaged goods that slipped their minds. Those pesky multiple purchase coupon deals come full circle to bite them in the rump. When removing these food items from the pantry before a household relocation, people do one or more of the following: throw it away, donate it, or box it up and bring it along on the move. Either way, if you’re moving during this season – the season of the bear, you’ll want to follow these rules:

  • Do NOT place any food item whatsoever in a garbage bin near the home or any public area for that matter. Garbage receptacles are notorious for attracting bears because people continue to throw their food waste in them. Don’t do it, even it is perishable or has already perished. Compost it or save it until the season is over.
  • Food donation bins are a great idea but while you are still cleaning out the kitchen and adding to your personal donation collection keep the bins off the porch and even far from scent wafting windows. Better yet, make daily trips to the food donation drive at your local grocery store and keep the excess food off your premises all-together.
  • The same goes for the food that is coming along on the move. If you’re going to box it up early in the packing process this season, keep the boxes and containers far from windows, doors, air vents and other openings that can attract bears passing by your home.

Our Kamloops moving company is more than happy to help with your packing process and anything else that can ease your household relocation, even if it means fending off a hungry Yogi the Bear and Boo Boo or two.

Don’t make it TOO easy for them to come down from the mountain and enjoy a snack

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