Ironman Hopes Dashed But Kamloops Looks to Move Forward

We were hoping to see this scene in the Thompson River next year

Our Kamloops moving company kept a watchful eye on Kamloops’ bid to host the 2013 Ironman Canada triathlon. In addition to great exposure for the city of Kamloops as a whole, it certainly would have kept our Kamloops Moving and Storage company on its toes as the next summer season approached. Anytime a big event like that takes place in the region our Kamloops storage facilities are booked up to accommodate the short term needs of the temporary residents. However, as announced this week, the city failed to secure the bid.

There was no lack of trying by any means. Mayor Peter Milobar and his team dedicated their best efforts to making it happen but for reasons not fully disclosed by Ironman Canada they are focusing attentions on other candidates which include BC cities Kelowna and Whistler. We at least hope it stays in the province as opposed to venturing out east. Ironman Canada belongs out west and serves as a perfect training ground for the World Championship in Kona Hawaii later this month. In addition, Kamloops is home to athletes that have competed in the now defunct Penticton event for 30 years running (and swimming and biking). While it would have been nice to see them compete on the home front our community still supports any efforts to keep the triathlon close to their home. Ironman Canada is expected to make a final decision over the next two weeks so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for our Kamloops triathletes.

As a long standing member of both the business and residential community, our Kamloops moving company still sees the fact that our fine city is worth consideration for such a world class event to be a very positive thing and telling of the future to come. Logistically the terrain can accommodate a triathlon of Ironman stature and the governing bodies have shown a willingness to dedicate resources to bringing such an affair into the Thompson Nicola Region. We have the water, the roads, and the willingness to welcome athletes from around the world. Rumors are already flying around that the bid for Kamloops’ entry into the Ironman schedule has sparked interest from other potential athletic event organizers. Penticton, the former home of Ironman Canada, is now host to the world class Challenge Triathlon. As Kamloops continues to grow we can’t help but feel optimistic that our city too will join our southern BC neighbor in one day being recognized as a host to a world staged athletic affair.

Our Kamloops moving company encourages anyone considering throwing their hat into the ring to compete in the up and coming Ironman Canada (no matter where it lands) or in next year’s Challenge Penticton as a representative of our Kamloops community to contact Pioneer Moving for your equipment’s (bikes, water gear, etc…) safe, secure, climate controlled storage so that while you’re off the road during the cold winter months you can trust that it will all be waiting for you in perfect shape to resume training. Just make sure your post-holiday season body is too 😉

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