Parking Puts the Brakes on Moving in Kamloops


The way some see it, THIS may be the only parking option available. Good luck relocating your business w/that trunk space.

Staff at our Kamloops Moving Company browsed local periodical The Kamloops Daily News yesterday which reported on a downtown Kamloops forum that took place this week addressing the concern over a lack of available parking in the city core of Kamloops. Neighborhood business owners, big and small, feel that there is a need to bring (i.e. build) a solution so that the public can better enter downtown Kamloops and stay to shop, dine, and enjoy other leisure activities without worrying about whether or not they will find parking to accommodate their tenure in town. As a Kamloops mover we sympathize with the business community on this matter.

Our Kamloops moving company takes care of many of the commercial retail, office space, and Kamloops corporate relocations that take place in the city. We can safely say that one of the reasons that many business relocations, even the small ones, secure the services of our Kamloops moving company is because of the limited parking available to account for the necessity of multiple trips with a quick turnaround time. Businesses, above all, need their move to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Anything less can result in lost revenue, whether you are an accountant or restaurateur.

As professional Kamloops movers and a part of the local business community we have locked down the logistics and municipal know-how to ensure that your businesses possessions, whether supplies or product, won’t have to sit in queue for long. We are fast, efficient, and we know how to take care of our corporate clients. Don’t let the parking bug and clogged streets affect your relocation. Simply secure the services of our Kamloops moving company and leave the logistics to us.

As far as everyone’s concern over a lack of parking to accommodate the downtown core of Kamloops is concerned, a quote from Gay Pooler, manager of the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association as reported in the aforementioned Daily News article says it best “If you don’t have parking problems in your downtown, likely your downtown is dead.” Not a bad silver lining, eh?

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