Liquidate to Lighten Your Load Before a Move



The Outdoor Life Network (OLN) unveiled a new summer show this week called The Liquidator featuring Jeff Schwarz, a local Kamloops BC resident who runs a Liquidation business on the coast. Jeff could be seen over the years rummaging through garage and yard sales in our home town in search of rusty treasure and he turned his passion for the hunt into a full blown career. This recent televised event sparked our introductory blog – Liquidating to Lighten Your Load Before a Move -with a Yard Sale.

Summertime yard sales are a great way to minimize packing while earning some cash to put towards your move. Here’s how:

1. Trash or Treasure?

You may feel like certain items are meant solely for the garbage bin, but keep in mind that one person’s trash is another’s treasure and a yard sale is a great way to put this theory to the test. While we recommend double checking that the ugly vase you received as a wedding present years ago is not actually from the Ming Dynasty, feel free to slap whatever goods that have worn out their welcome in your home onto the table parked on your lawn and start the bidding.

2. Put the Word Out

Cardboard signs on fences do the trick with the neighborhood folks but to draw out the deeper pocketed bargain hunters from all over the city, you will need to pull out a few marketing strategies. Be sure to post your yard sale on free online local directories such as Craigslist and Kijiji and consider cheap classified ads with local periodicals. A few dollars can go along way into turning your yard sale into a profit and one that puts a nice dent into the amount of household possessions that you need to pack up on your up and coming move. Add some additional neighborhood flare by setting up a lemonade stand in front of your home to both draw in a crowd and an additional revenue stream.

3. Fund Your Move with a Yard Sale

Using the receipts from your yard sale is a great way to take the burden out of your moving budget. In fact, it may allow you to scrap the personal labor required for the move by allocating yard sale profits towards hiring a professional mover.

4. Kids Don’t Mind Trading Toys for Cash

Convincing your children to get rid of old space consuming toys, books, and games can be a tough task due to their sentimental attachments but the prospect of turning their unused possessions into cash for summer fun spending can have them turning 180 degrees on the matter. Kids love a yard sale and toys (action figures, comics, etc…) are often the first to sell. Give them their own table or section in the yard sale and turn them loose. Your moving trailer capacity will be happy you did.

5. Donate the Rest

You don’t want the items anymore and the yard sale filtered out the things you can’t sell. Instead of adding to your packing inventory and storing the remainders for another decade, consider donating the rest to a local charity such as Big Brothers / Big Sisters, Salvation Army, or even an animal shelter – depending on what you have to give.


No matter what you are left with, big or small, our Kamloops moving company can help you move your goods to your new home. Contact a Kamloops mover today to get an estimate. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the front lawn!


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