Living in a Fresh Water Fisher’s Paradise

Fresh water fishing is a big deal in Kamloops. In fact, it’s most likely the Thompson Country region’s favorite pastime and the Kamloops area lakes are known to be the best fly fishing lakes in BC. Some will say the best in the country. Our Kamloops moving company won’t disagree with that statement because when we’re not busy moving Kamloops residents into their new homes you can find us out on the lakes, with the rest of the locals.

As more than just a Kamloops mover, Pioneer Moving & Storage would like to share a few points about how we can help fishing enthusiasts with the transportation and storage logistics of fishing in Kamloops:

Got a Boat?

While there are plenty of local fishing boats being posted on Craiglist on a weekly basis, you may have found a better deal on watercraft in regions outside of Kamloops. Instead of making the trek to pick up the fishing boat yourself or having someone ship it to you (without having your best interests in mind), use the services of our Kamloops moving company to bring the vessel to you. Local Kamloops moving estimates are based on moves within 300 km of the point of origin and long distance estimates fall outside of that 300km zone. Contact our Kamloops moving company to discuss an estimate.

Storing Your Fishing Gear

While standard fly fishing equipment doesn’t take up too much space, certain family members may be averse to the scent that accompanies keeping your moist gear in the home. Or perhaps you’re a bit more than an enthusiast and instead have a collection of fishing supplies, including a kayak or canoe, that far outweigh the space your condo accommodates. Either way, our reasonably priced Kamloops storage facility is an excellent option for keeping your fishing gear and crafts, especially during the off season when you don’t need to access them every day.

Part-time Residents

You’ll see familiar faces in Kamloops during certain times of the year and notice their absence during other months. That’s because Kamloops is a vacation home destination for many, especially fishing fanatics. If fishing is a major part of your lifestyle and you are in the market for a vacation home in BC, Kamloops is a great place to spend months at a time during the spring and summer. Pioneer Moving & Storage is the best option for moving your vacation (read: fishing) home possessions to Kamloops and to store accessories while you are away.

If you’re visiting Kamloops for a first-time fishing expedition or are moving to Kamloops, you’ll have no trouble finding a trout stocked lake (there are dozens of fish rich lakes in the area). Nonetheless, here are some of the best fly-fishing ones in the region:

  • Pass Lake
  • Campbell Lake
  • Scuitto Lake
  • Morgan Lake
  • Community Lake
  • Red Lake

Of course, if you secure the services of our Kamloops Moving and Storage company, we just may give you the intel on a few secret spots that only us hardcore fishing locals know about. Maybe.

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