Protect Your Possessions During DRY Season Too

It wasn’t long ago that we posted an article about protecting your household possessions during excessive rain season high-water advisories by keeping them in our Kamloops storage facility. Now here we are on the tail end of summer hearing news about campfire bans in the Kamloops area.

The last two months have been drought inducing weeks with barely a drop of rain in sight and while Kamloops tourism is beaming from tourists gracing the city to play on the rolling hilled golf courses and to cool off by taking dips in the Thompson River, the terrain surrounding Kamloops remains susceptible to forest fires. While campfire bans serve their purpose in preventing man-made blazes little can be done to lessen the concern over thunderstorm warnings. The forecast for the next week or so remains sunny with chances of isolated thundershowers which are accompanied by periods of lightning. This scenario creates concern over forest fires and residents with homes in the warning zones are keeping a watchful eye on the sky and landscape.

The long weekend is approaching and with it many Kamloops residents are taking the days to escape on their own adventures. However, some are a little apprehensive about leaving their homes, regardless how unlikely the occurrence of any damage to their home or property from forest fires is. The Thompson Country district is doing everything in their power to take precautions and ensure that the summer season closes out with a pleasant whimper. Nonetheless, some of you may wish to take the level of preparedness up a notch, while still allowing your household the freedom to get out of town and enjoy last few weeks of summer.

In the same manner that our Kamloops moving company offered short term storage as an option to protect your household possessions during flood advisories we suggest the same for those looking for a little extra comfort during forest fire season. Feel free to enjoy your vacation time while placing your valuables under our highly secured care at our convenient Kamloops Storage facility. We know you’re busy so we can arrange for pick-up and delivery with a quick phone call. We’ll keep watch for you. All we ask is that you send us a postcard.

Contact our Kamloops moving company and Kamloops storage provider today by calling 250-573-6083 or send us email to info@pioneermoving.com. Then, get out of town.

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