Rare Bear Makes Kamloops Home

It looks like a polar bear, it sounds like a polar bear, but it’s not a polar bear – it’s a Kermode bear. This week our Kamloops moving company caught wind of a new resident moving to Kamloops. We weren’t too concerned about not being contacted for this job since it’s a little out of our league. A rare white furred Kermode bear cub named Clover, abandoned months ago but rescued and rehabilitated over the summer, was at first reintroduced to the wild of Central Northwestern BC near Terrace into the aptly named Great Bear Rainforest. Apparently the furry fella wanted no part of that climate or the isolation because shortly after being collared with a monitor and released he broke free from his constraints and wandered back towards civilization, closer to his human counterparts. After further consideration, Clover was deemed unfit (unwilling?) to live in the Central Northwestern BC wild and the decision was made to bring him here to the Thompson River region to live his many years to come in the welcome arms of the BC Kamloops Wildlife Park.

The Kermode bear, also known as the Spirit Bear, is designated as BC’s official mammal and with the inclusion of this rare egg cream colored cub into our BC Wildlife Park complete with an interpretive centre, it is a near certainty that Clover will continue to draw visitors with a penchant for wildlife attractions to the city of Kamloops. With its great golfing, fishing, and year round seasonal activities and attractions, Kamloops continues to lure new households from all around not only to visit, but to move to Kamloops. By now housing the world’s first known white Kermode bear in captivity, Kamloops further stamps its place on the map as a premier destination in Canada.

Our Kamloops moving company will be among the first in line to catch a glimpse of our welcome new resident, just in time to add to the winter scenery for the approaching holiday season.

If you too find yourself restless with your current surroundings and are planning a move to south central BC be sure to contact our Kamloops moving company and prepare for safe, secure, and efficient transportation towards a new life – no tracking collar required.

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