Kamloops Movers Keeping an Eye on Rising Rivers for You

It’s that time of the year when the city of Kamloops goes on official flood watch. Flood watch, is the one side-effect of enjoying both the wonderland that winter brings and the at-times sudden arrival of warm spring weather in this region where the Thompson Rivers convene.

While we had a very enjoyable stretch of sunny weather last week it served to melt some of the remaining snow packs of the higher elevations while the rain from this week added to the water levels of the Thompsons. However city officials deem there is not enough of an impact to cause any concern for residents. The flow rates are moving along nicely thus far which helps stave off the rise in water levels. Rain is forecast for the rest of the week but it will be relatively light with intermittent periods of sunshine. Any additional warming next week will be gradual (leading to an equally gradual snow melt) so it seems as though residents can prepare for camping excursions and other activities as opposed to sand-bagging and the like.

With that being said, Kamloops is generally impacted in some form or another by the rising levels of the Thompson River throughout the season so even though in the immediate it appears that we can rest easy it is wise to stay informed in the weeks ahead. That’s where our Kamloops moving company comes in with some advice. Check in every now and then on the City of Kamloops Flood Alerts page during the season and please do refer to our Short Term Storage Solution for High Water Advisories article – a helpful entry from our Kamloops moving blog last year geared towards home owners in the area taking long trips over the summer.

We welcome you check in on the Pioneer Moving blog frequently through the year to keep up to date on this topic or other local on-goings. We are more than Kamloops movers, we are a part of the community that cares to inform current and new residents alike about all that takes place within our fine city.

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