Kamloops Movers Tips for Short Notice Moves

Kamloops Movers Tips for Short Notice Moves
As Kamloops Movers we get a lot of short notice requests for moves. We understand that not every move is planned well in advance. It could be because of a promotion, career change, or a spontaneous family decision. The point is that there isn’t much time left for planning, cleaning, packing and executing the move. This can often lead to a stressful situation so we put our heads together and came up with 5 tips for helping your short notice move go as smooth as possible.

Short Notice Moving Tips

1.      Start Cleaning Immediately – Once you find out that you are moving, it’s best to start cleaning right away. This will relieve a lot of stress as the moving day approaches. Start with specific projects like under the fridge or small rooms like the spare room, dens, or even closets. Chipping away at a large job, day by day will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you organize your move more effectively.

2.      Secure Storage – After you start cleaning a bit you will discover old treasures, seasonal equipment and clothes that can be sent to storage for the time being. This will also help reduce the stress as you can take car loads of your possessions to the storage day by day, at a pace that suits your needs.

3.      Minimalism – Don’t bother wasting time packing the stuff that you wear once a month, once a year or never at all. The same applies to books, furniture, electronics or anything that you can donate to good will. Donating and recycling your old possessions is a great way to lighten the load and will ease the stress of an over jammed storage unit and moving truck.

4.      First In/Last Out – Remember to pack a suitcase or box specifically for the items that you need during your move. This could be the papers to your new home, phones, laptops, chargers, and even an overnight bag for your pet if you have any. Make sure this bag is the last to leave the old house and the first to enter the new house.

5.      Secure Movers – Hiring professional movers will relieve a lot of the stress that occurs on moving day. This will allow you to keep calm and ensure you and your family has everything they need to enter their new home.

We hope these tips will ease the stress of your short notice move and ensure it runs smoothly. Our team is well experienced with short notice moves and we also provide Kamloops storage for short or long term needs. Please contact us, your Kamloops movers for more information on how we can help your next move a pleasant experience. 

More Information

If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Moving Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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