Don’t Forget These Things on Moving Day

15538175_mWhen moving day arrives, you are going to want to make sure that you are prepared, and that means not forgetting some essential things. For your move to go smoothly, you are going to want to have some essential items with you. This will require some forward thinking and a little organization. Add these items to your moving day list to ensure you have everything that you need for moving day.

Extra Packing Material

You are going to forget something or a box is going to break. Maybe you will find something in the attic or basement that you didn’t even know that was there. Regardless of the reasons, you are going to need some extra packing materials on moving day no matter how much packing you did in advance. Keep some boxes, tape, a box cutter and packing materials on hand for those last minute needs.

Bathroom Supplies

Don’t pack up all of the bathroom supplies; someone is probably going to need them. Keep some extra toilet paper, soap and a towel or two on hand until everyone has left the house for good. That way there are no last minute trips to the grocery store to buy those things because someone has got to go!

First Aid Kit

While you don’t expect someone to get hurt, it is always a good idea to have something on hand to take care of injuries if they occur. If you don’t have a first aid kit, you can prepare a small one with bathroom items that you leave out. Bandages, an ice pack, some antiseptic spray and painkillers are all good things to have in your first aid kit.

Cleaning Supplies

Once the house is empty, you are going to need to do some cleaning up. If you have packed up all of your cleaning supplies, this might be more difficult. Be sure to leave out some cleaning supplies in order to get your old home cleaned up when it is empty, or even to clean up after your movers if they get a little messy.

Food and Drinks

Moving is thirsty business. Anyone helping you during your move will appreciate a little refreshment. If you are moving on a warm day, then having water or some other kinds of drinks on hand is a necessity for keeping everyone hydrated. Have some food and drink on hand to keep everyone’s energy levels up and prevent any dehydration.


Don’t pack up necessary documentation. This might include rental agreements, termination notices for utilities, identification, bank records, medical records or any other important paperwork you need. If this is packed up it can be difficult to find. Collect it into a file, and keep it with you. That way should you need it, you have it.

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