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Moving takes a lot of planning. One area that you should take particular care in planning correctly is with your valuables. Whether it is your great grandmother’s jewelry or your family heirloom china, you want to make sure that a move doesn’t cause you to break or damage these precious items. Here are some ideas to prevent valuable breakage. 

Make a List

The first thing you want to do is take an inventory of all of your valuables and make a list for you to track the location. Sure, you might already have a list of items you are moving, but odds are you aren’t keeping track of every single book or plate. In the case of valuables, you want to make sure that you do. If something should be broken or missing, you want to have documentation about it being there and being undamaged before the move so that your insurance or the mover’s insurance can replace the item should something happen to it.

Some Items Need Extra Insurance

If that mint Detective Comics #27 gets ripped during the move, the insurance company will be happy to reimburse you the ten cent cover price. In this case you will have to have extra insurance to cover more than the cover value since it is actually worth quite a bit of money (the first appearance of Batman, for the curious). Make sure to have items covered for their true value.

If it’s Small, Take it With You

Small items like jewelry or paperwork should go with you in your car or truck that you may be driving. If you are flying, consider having someone local that you trust overnighting the items to you by certified mail once you arrive at your new home. In any case, small valuable items should be kept as close to you as possible, as they are some of the most likely items to go missing.

Tape the Glass

If you have paintings, sports memorabilia or collectibles that are framed and under glass, tape up the glass. If you look at stores that sell and ship these items, they will place a large X over the glass. You should do this same. This will help to prevent the glass from shattering. While this is helpful for not having to buy a new frame, it is also a good way to prevent damage from the shattered glass.

Don’t Skimp on Packaging

Particularly where valuables are concerned, don’t go cheap with the packing materials, especially for things like expensive china or electronics. Special boxes and packing materials exist for these types of items. While it might seem a bit expensive, compare it to the cost of replacing the item. Odds are, the box is worth it.

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