Tips for Moving the Car

38692283_mIf you are moving, you might be focusing on all of the things inside of your house that you need to get to your new home. There is at least one important thing outside you should think of as well: your car. Depending on the move, your car might be very easy or a little more complicated to get to your new home. Here are some tips for packing and moving your car along with the rest of your things.

Inspect Your Car before Moving

Unless you are moving your car yourself, you are going to want to look over your car before you let someone move it. Find all the dents, scratches and blemishes that you have put on it so that you know if anything new has showed up during the move. Movers who are going to be moving your car will make a detailed list of the same thing so you want to make sure that your lists match. This list is going to be very helpful if any damage shows up during the move. An inspection will also allow you to find the new issues (if there are any) much more easily.

Clean Out the Car

If you are having professionals move your car, you are going to want to make sure that it is completely cleaned out. You don’t want to pack it full of items that didn’t fit in the truck. Anything that is not secured or could move around while your car is being transported may cause concern with the movers. Some companies will let you keep things in the trunk, but consult them before you do so. Remember, anything left in the car could be damaged or cause damage to the car during the move.

Take Removable Items Off

If you have a radio antenna, CB, detachable stereo face plate or anything else that can be removed, you should do so. Don’t leave anything that could accidentally become detached on your car. This prevents things from accidentally detaching and causing damage to your car or other cars around you during the move.

Shipping or Driving?

If you are moving a long distance, you have a couple of options for getting your car to your new home. You could either hire a shipping company who will move your car on a large car carrier, or you could hire a driver to do the moving for you. Whichever option you choose, make sure to pick a reputable company that is known for being reliable.

Local Moves

Local moves are somewhat easier to move your car. If you are moving locally, you could have your friends or family drive your car to your new home. You can also use your car to move additional items that are fragile, valuable or important. Always make sure to leave enough room for the driver or any passengers. If you are looking for professional movers in Kamloops, contact Pioneer Moving for a quote today!

More Information

If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Moving Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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