Tips for Moving: How to Pack the Bedroom



Master bedroom


It is amazing to think that the room in our house we spend the most time in is our bedroom. Because of that, the bedroom tends to have a lot of things in them. This makes the bedroom one of the hardest rooms to move.


Most of these items have sentimental value. To keep everything safe from harm, you should spend time planning out your bedroom move. Make sure that you have enough space for what you have in your current bedroom.


Decide What Stays and What Goes


If your new bedroom is not large enough or laid out differently, you may have to make some tough decisions about what things come with you and what you have to leave behind. Measure your new bedroom; try to plan a floor layout with your existing furniture. This will give you a good idea what your new room will look like when your stuff gets there.


Organize Your Packing


If you have a large bedroom, you want to keep careful track of what goes where. Getting a notebook and creating a numbering system for your boxes is a great idea. You should also make a timeline of when to pack what. Start early in the timeline with items that you can live without until your move, then progress to your most needed items as the last things to pack.


Gather Up Your Supplies


Make sure that you have enough tape, boxes, bubble wrap and other items. If you are moving a long distance, think about things like mattress bags to protect your bedding. Make sure you also have the proper tools you will need, including knives, scissors and markers. These will all help in boxing up your items and keeping track of what goes where.


Disassemble That large Furniture


It is way too hard to try to carry a king sized bed out of the room assembled. You will need to be ready to take things apart. If you are doing the move yourself, have the proper tools on hand to do the job. Things like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and even things to remove nails might be necessary.


If you are not comfortable with doing the disassembly yourself, consider professional movers to move these items for you.


Use the Right Box For the Right Job


Small boxes should be used for heavy and fragile items. Big boxes should be used for larger items that take up space and do not weigh as much. Try to balance out big and small boxes to be approximately the same weight.

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If you would like to see other packing tips please see our Moving Tips page or stop by today. We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.

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