Unpack Those Boxes like a Pro

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The big move is over. All of your things are in your new home and you are ready to begin life in your new neighborhood. Now you have to get all of these boxes unpacked — which, by looking at the amount of boxes lying around, may take you until your next move. It doesn’t have to be that way. Take some time to organize your unpacking by following these helpful tips.

Avoid the “Big Pile”

While it may be tempting to just unload all of your boxes into the biggest room that is closest to the front door, avoid that temptation. Thinking that you can just put all of the boxes into one room and unpack them one at a time may end up contributing to high blood pressure. Avoid doing this at all costs.

Instead, take the time as you are unloading the truck to put the boxes in the room that they are going to eventually be unpacked in. Opening boxes in one room then carrying the contents to another room is just going to try your patience and waste your energy.

Take the Time You Need; Don’t Rush

You aren’t going to get everything unpacked on the same day that you move, so don’t try. Take your time and pace yourself. If you can, stretch out the unpacking over a few days and try to concentrate on one or two rooms a day. This will help you to organize things better in the long run. You won’t be trying to remember where you put the coffee pot because you unpacked it in the middle of doing the living room nick-knacks.

Start With the Essentials

What can’t you live without? Ask that question to yourself as you begin to unpack. You might even want to pack a few boxes and label them “open first” so that you can get the essentials out on the day of your move. Things like plates, towels, sheets and pillows are all things you are going to have to have for your first night in your new house. Make sure they are accessible to you so that you can unpack them and then go to bed from the long moving day you had. Having to hunt for that blanket after a long day of moving is only going to make you grumpy.

Make Your New House Home

Don’t wait to hang up your favorite painting or to put your prized bottle cap collection up on the mantel. This is your new home, so you need to make it feel like home. Hang things on the walls, put some pictures up on your mantel or in the kitchen. Yes, you may have to move these things later, but it will help you start to feel like you are at home sooner.

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