Extremely fragile items such as glass, mirrors and pictures should be professionally packed or crated.

New Year’s Organization Tips

The new year is a great time to set some goals and resolutions.  A well-organized home can lead to a less chaotic home life, better time management and less stress.  As Kamloops’ premier movers, we would like to offer you the following New Year’s organization tips. Clear the Clutter This tip may seem obvious, but […]

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5 Tips for Surviving a Winter Move

Winter is not usually thought of as the ideal season to move.  Cold weather, short days and snow can all make a winter move not only challenging, but down right miserable.  Sometimes a winter moving date just cannot be avoided.  As the premier mover in Kamloops, we would like to offer you these 5 tips […]

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How to Pack and Protect Heavy Items for Moving

Usually the hardest items to pack for a move are the heaviest and most cumbersome.  You not only want to protect the item from damage during the move but will need to move these heavy items without hurting yourself as well.  As the premier movers in Kamloops, we would like to offer you the following […]

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3 of the Best Ways to Stay Organized when Moving

  Start Organizing Your Move Early The old adage of the “early bird catches the worm” is especially true when it comes to moving.  Moving is one of the top 3 most stressful events in your life, so being prepared and starting early can reduce the amount of stress associated with a move.  Before moving […]

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It’s Moving Day – Getting Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Have you ever noticed just how much unwanted stuff you seem to find when you are packing up a house to move?  Perhaps the best part of moving is that it gives you an opportunity to sort through your belongings and downsize and reorganize your life.  As the premier movers in Kamloops, we would like […]

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How to Safely Pack your Glassware

When it comes to moving, one of the most difficult items to pack is your glassware.  Unlike all your other belongings, glassware needs to be handled with extra care throughout the move to ensure it arrives in your new home in the same condition it left your old home.  As the premier movers in Kamloops, […]

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How to Survive Your Summer Move

The summer months are by far the busiest and most popular time to move. The warm weather, long days, summer vacation and the peak of the home buying season are all advantages when it comes to a summer move.  Even with all these advantages, a summer move can still be a challenge.  As the premier […]

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Essential But Overlooked – Things To Do After Moving

What to do next?  That is often the question one is faced with after the moving trucks have placed the last box in your new home.  The unpacking part of a move can often feel as overwhelming as the initial packing stage.  As the premier movers in Kamloops we would like to offer these essential, […]

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Protecting Your Furniture During a Move

Perhaps the most difficult part of the moving process is dealing with your furniture.  Many of these items are typically heavy and cumbersome and difficult to fit through doors, around corners and up and down stairs.  The last thing you want is to damage or scratch your furniture, the walls or door frames.  As the […]

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Protecting your Floors and Walls when Moving

One of the most overlooked parts of any move is protecting your walls, furniture and flooring.  If any of these items or fixtures are damaged or broken during the move, your moving costs will quickly escalate.  As the premier movers in Kamloops, here are some tips on how to protect your floors and carpeting during […]

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